New decade - new site/blog update.

Stuff I’ve done

  • Removed Facebook (which was deleted like 3+ years ago)
  • Added Fediverse/Mastodon whatever this newfangled thingymajig is called :sweat_smile:
    • And now that I’ve added a emoji I also added jemoji to my gems ^^
  • moved keys to own folder /keys
  • moved icons to own folder /icons
  • added security.txt
  • ‘Updated’ jekyll stuff

Jekyll ‘Update’

Since I’ve lost all my memories about what the heck I’ve done here to make this site as much site as site can be I just removed my Gemfile.lock and rerun bundle install after removing everything from my Gemfile I wasn’t sure I still needed.

Here are those changes:

diff --git a/Gemfile b/Gemfile
index 376feb8..043794f 100644
--- a/Gemfile
+++ b/Gemfile
@@ -1,22 +1,38 @@
 source ""
+# Hello! This is where you manage which Jekyll version is used to run.
+# When you want to use a different version, change it below, save the
+# file and run `bundle install`. Run Jekyll with `bundle exec`, like so:
+#     bundle exec jekyll serve
+# This will help ensure the proper Jekyll version is running.
+# Happy Jekylling!
+# gem "jekyll", "~> 4.3.2"
+# This is the default theme for new Jekyll sites. You may change this to anything you like.
 gem "minima", "~> 2.5"
+# If you want to use GitHub Pages, remove the "gem "jekyll"" above and
+# uncomment the line below. To upgrade, run `bundle update github-pages`.
 gem "github-pages", group: :jekyll_plugins
+# If you have any plugins, put them here!
 group :jekyll_plugins do
-  gem "jekyll-feed" #, "~> 0.12"
+  gem "jekyll-feed", "~> 0.12"
   gem "jekyll-gist"
   gem "jekyll-paginate"
-  gem "jekyll-mentions"
+  gem 'jekyll-sitemap'
 # Windows and JRuby does not include zoneinfo files, so bundle the tzinfo-data gem
 # and associated library.
 platforms :mingw, :x64_mingw, :mswin, :jruby do
-  gem "tzinfo", "~> 1.2"
+  gem "tzinfo", ">= 1", "< 3"
   gem "tzinfo-data"
 # Performance-booster for watching directories on Windows
 gem "wdm", "~> 0.1.1", :platforms => [:mingw, :x64_mingw, :mswin]
+# Lock `http_parser.rb` gem to `v0.6.x` on JRuby builds since newer versions of the gem
+# do not have a Java counterpart.
+gem "http_parser.rb", "~> 0.6.0", :platforms => [:jruby]
+gem "webrick", "~> 1.8"

So long :grin: