Providing ssl cert chain with letsencrypt

2016-03-02 14:08:20 +0100

I’ve written how to setup letsencrypt with gatling in a previous post. I’ve made a mistake there I needed to correct.

Adding Disqus to my blog

2016-02-29 16:57:00 +0100

Since I use jekyll to generate this blog I don’t have a simple comment function.

Using multiple versions of clang on Mac

2016-02-18 22:09:02 +0100

After trying for what feels like the 100th time I finally found out how to switch from the default Mac clang v3.4 to the Mac Ports version 3.6

Adding zip search to ag

2016-02-18 10:50:42 +0100

First of all kudos to @ggreer I really like ag. My problem was searching zip compressed folders with it.

Strange OAB problems

2016-02-15 16:52:24 +0100

We recently had some strange problems with the Outlook Offline Address Book (OAB)